Watchman Report 7/10/16

EU President:
‘I Have Met Several Leaders Of Other Planets’

See it for yourself in the video below:

Could a Physics Experiment in Geneva Destroy the Universe? One Physicist Says ‘Yes’

Tony Blair thought he was the Messiah and often wore make-up, ex-PM's former friend claims

Christianity and Islam: The Story of the Century

Speaking Up for Persecuted Middle East Christians

The Prophetic Destruction of Iran

The Thin Veneer Of Civilization That We All Take For Granted Is Evaporating All Over The Globe

A Christian Renewal? What the Brexit Means for Traditionalists

Brexit could lead to 'second golden age’ as China opens up for trade deal with UK

The world's biggest buyers of gold are getting ready to load up

Deutsche Bank is coming unglued

‘Currency Crash’ Drives British Pound To A 31 Year Low As Deutsche Bank Sinks To The Lowest Level Ever

Google reveals plans to put ‘eyes in machines’ as digital surveillance fears reach boiling point

Viral hepatitis 'kills as many as Aids or TB'

Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals Less Healthy Than Straight People, Survey Finds

A real ‘Zombie Apocalypse’: How the sun (or terrorists) could cripple America for a decade

Russian Spy Ship Now Off Hawaii, U.S. Navy Protecting ‘Critical Information’

State Dept. Struggles to Answer Questions on Reports of Iran Obtaining Illicit Nuclear Technology

Is America heading toward a clash of civilizations?

Photo of Obama in Muslim garb shows deep ties to faith, O'Reilly says

ISIS 'kill lists' target US synagogues

Dallas Jewish Federation Condemns Murder of Police Officers

Louis Farrakhan Posted This Video on Twitter Hours Before the Assassinations in Dallas. Not a Coincidence.

Islamic Connection: Some Suspects in Dallas Shooting Attended South Dallas Mosque

Dallas massacre of police: FBI investigating anti-police group that attended Dallas mosque

Bill O’Reilly - Obama Emotional Attachment to the Muslim World Has Hurt the USA

Louis Farrakhan: White People Deserve To Die

The Facts: More White People Killed By Police Officers Than Blacks In 2016

Obama Pushes More Federal Oversight of Cops After Dallas Attack on Cops

Republicans slam grinning Obama for politicizing Dallas police massacre as he laughs his way through NATO summit 

It’s not guns. It’s not race. It’s not laws. It’s evil.

Blame Black Lives Matter Movement for Dallas Carnage

Moore: 'Most Chilling' Aspect of Shootings Is Pretending Those Lives 'Didn't Matter'

The Dallas Massacre: This Is The Kind Of Civil Unrest That I Have Been Warning Is Coming To America

In Wake of Dallas Shooting, More Officers Attacked In Other States

Black Lives Matter "Peaceful Protesters" Attack Donald Trump Supporter

Disgusting: Black Lives Matters Thugs Flashing Gang Signs, Laughing, and Dancing While Officers Mourn

‘Now it’s war. Watch out Obama & BlackLivesMatter punks’ – ex-Congressman Joe Walsh

Protesters throw objects at officers in Phoenix

WikiLeaks rolls out archive of over 1,200 ‘Clinton Iraq War’ emails

FBI Announces ‘No Charges’ For Hillary — Edward Snowden Immediately Does This

Hume: Comey's statement blew up Clinton's network of lies

What FBI’s Comey could not say – but Rashi did

Trey Gowdy grills Jim Comey on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Meet The Man James Comey Indicted Over A 21-Word Email

FBI contradicting Clinton campaign trail comments

Trump Suggests Hillary Clinton Bribed Attorney General Over Email Scandal

State Department Reopens Clinton Email Investigation

Obama Turns Into Stuttering Mess Again Talking About Trump

Three Eyewitnesses Allege Hillary Called Aide A ‘F**king Jew Bastard’

Syrian Refugee Assaults 13-Year Old Girl at Pool

Caged woman forced to perform sex acts for nearly a year in Amite

Ark Park opens, 'God's word fulfilled'

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Visits the Ark Encounter

Religious Freedom Threat Was Never About Cakes or Photos

Ten states sue Obama administration over transgender bathroom policy

CDC monitoring 320 U.S. pregnant women with Zika

Cardinal Speaks out On What He Calls the Black Baby Genocide

Massive Alaska Landslide Registers as 2.9 Magnitude Earthquake

Earthquake of 4.2 magnitude rattles north central Oklahoma

Earthquake Struck North Jersey Monday, U.S. Geological Survey Says

Morning Earthquake Rattles Southern California, Felt in Multiple Counties and Mexico

Venezuelan women push past border controls for food

Survey: Canadians regretting Muslim refugees, believe mainstream Islam promotes violence

Hedonistic Europe will fall - Israel will not!

Muslim Gather in London on Al-Quds Day to Protest the Existence of Israel

'Muslims will burn in Hell': people cheer as hate preachers are arrested in Bristol

Gonorrhoea and syphilis on the rise in the UK amid 'sexual health crisis', experts warn

Spain: Hail caused total losses in apple and pear in Aragon

Germans demand EU referendum: Merkel told to not be 'arrogant' and hold Brussels vote

Soviet-style youth squads are making a comeback in eastern Ukraine

UK troops to take on Nato duties in Poland and Estonia

NATO-Russia Council to meet in possible move to ease tensions

Russia expels US diplomats in tit-for-tat row

Putin Signs Draconian Anti-Christian Provisions into Law

NATO boosts support for countries battling Islamic extremism

Netanyahu to Christian Zionists: 'We have no better friends'

Iranian commander: Missiles ready for the ‘annihilation’ of Israel

IDF and US Military Sync Missile Defense Systems for Joint Response in Wartime

Palestinians hit Sarona after allegiance to ISIS

US accuses Israel of ‘systematically' seizing Palestinian land

IDF accelerates development of ‘Obstacle’ defense system against Hamas tunnels

Iranians & Walid suicide units on Golan border

Russia revamps air force array in Syria & Mid East

The US and Russia may have just sealed Al Qaeda's fate in Syria

Two Russian pilots killed as ISIS shoots down chopper in Syria

ISIS routs new US-backed Syrian force at Abu Kemal

Iraq sees worst bombing since invasion with 250 deaths

Years of Islamic Violence Pushes Iraq's Minorities to Near Extinction

Behind the lines: Islamic State shifts strategy

ISIS Creates Yazidi Sex Slave Database

Saudi Arabia's King Salman vows to fight religious extremists with 'iron hand' after Medina mosque attack

Obama to Leave about 8,400 Troops in Afghanistan By End of Term

Christian Persecution on Rise in Pakistan as Believers Fear Muslim Mobs Torching Homes

Asian Human Rights Commission: 'Pakistan Police Are Not Protecting Christians'

Bangladesh: ISIS pays Italy back for role in Libya

Algeria earthquake: Moderate tremor felt in Algiers and suburbs

150 killed as South Sudan marks independence anniversary

Moderate earthquake hits New Britain Region of Papua New Guinea

As Netanyahu winds up his Africa trip, two more rulers seek ties with Israel 

Guns or Canes? China's Self-Inflicted Wound

Churches in China Forced to Surrender Tithes and Offerings to Government

Floods in China kill almost 130, wipe out crops

China flooding: Wuhan on red alert for further rain

Two dead as Typhoon Nepartak strikes Taiwan

China is trying to discredit the international court that will rule on the South China Sea dispute

U.S. sanctions North Korean leader over rights abuses

North Korea says US sanctions on leader "a declaration of war"

S Korea claims North carried out failed missile test

US and South Korea agree THAAD missile defence deployment

Magnitude 5 quake detected in southeastern S. Korea: meteorological agency

Magnitude 5.2 quake jolts parts of Mindanao

Tremors felt in Perth as 5.6 magnitude earthquake shakes Goldfields

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