Watchman Report 8/8/11


The idea of genetically making a super race of people

Part Human/Part Animal Hybrid Monsters Are Being Created By Scientists All Over The Planet

Israel 'ready to negotiate borders with Palestinians'

Netanyahu agrees to 1967 border for Palestinian state

The Rapture Conspiracy

Solar Blasts Slam Into Earth

Economists stay calm as stocks crash worldwide

Sell-off Wipes $2.5 Trillion Off World Stocks

China, Japan urge global talks on financial turmoil

G-7 Plans Urgent Talks on Market Stability

U.S. Loses AAA Credit Rating From S&P

Flooding in Charlotte kills 1, forces evacuations

Salmonella Outbreak Prompts Turkey Recall

Defining Defense Down

The Saudi Agenda: Assimilation of America

Part 1

Part 2

The Response: A solemn assembly

Gov. Rick Perry, evangelical leaders hold prayer rally at Reliant

'The Response' Critics Hold Protest Rally

The Presidential 'Faith Factor'

Perry to Evangelicals: I'm One of You

Poll: Perry Leading Most GOP 2012 Contenders

The reluctant presidential candidate

John Hagee, Glenn Beck Join Forces to Support Israel in D.C.

AF Pulls 'Jesus Loves Nukes' Training

Federal court bans 'Jesus' from public prayers

Juan Williams Exposes Assault on Honest Debate

Left Tries to Tie Those Warning of Demographic Winter to Norway Shooting

Liberal Media Taking America on a Left Turn?

Atheists question Christian division

Victory for Islam: Al Jazeera in The Big Apple

Muslim GI Found With Bomb Makings Near Ft. Hood

NYC mosque developer: Project may take years

Alabama's immigration law being put to the test

Wide Is The Gate: The Emerging New Christianity

Don’t Join the Cult of the Backslider

Will More Education 'Liberalize' Your Views on Faith & Heaven?

Women falling away from religion, survey finds

Study: Born-Again Christians Have Become Complacent

South still most religious region, but falling

Five major trends for churches in America

Pastor Walter Hoye's Constitutional Rights Vindicated at the Ninth Circuit

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: When Congregations Leave Their Denominations

ADF: Web filter the school's call

Porn operation a 'nightmare' for children

The Home Depot Boycott Gains Momentum

Pro-'gay' promotion 'everywhere you go'

Religious Groups Object to Paying for Birth Control

Woman Who Had Abortion is 'Silent No More'

You Must Abort or We’ll Take You to Court

Educating NAACP on abortion

Abortionist James Pendergraft Sued for $36.7 Million

Amid Ongoing Investigations, Carhart Closes Clinic for the Week as Summer of Mercy 2.0 Intensifies

Florida Gov. Signs Historic Pro-Life Bills

States making U.S. more pro-life

Do the Laws of Physics Make God Unnecessary?

Energy in America: New Liquid Fuel Faster, More Efficient -- and Greener, Too

Study: Gov't bureaucracy hampering oil production

Your face on Facebook 'your own worst enemy'

U.S. is developing system that can identify where in the world a photo was taken

DIY Spy Drone Sniffs Wi-Fi, Intercepts Phone Calls

Tiny flying robots set to be the future of spying and rescue missions

America's Third War: The U.S. Cut a Deal With the Sinaloa Cartel, Say Court Documents

Canadian Lutherans struggle over 'gay' marriage

Flooding Still Threatens Haiti After Emily's Rains

Haiti Crusade Sees 15,000-Plus Saved

God provides for the tiniest as Diaper Drive takes off

Media Blames Islamic Expert for Norway Massacre

EU slams Israel’s decision to build new East Jerusalem housing project

Dead Sea Scroll tract was precursor to Jewish calendar

'Christian Birthright' takes college students to Knesset

Jewish Roots Lead Deep into the 'West Bank'

New U.S. envoy in Israel to clear obstacles for Obama’s second term

Netanyahu sees opportunity in the social protests

IAF Generals 'Loudly' Demanding Strike on Iran – Report

Iron Dome returns to Ashkelon

Poll Reveals 4 out of 5 Palestinians Support Hamas

Arab Christian: Mideast Church is no friend to the Jews

Islam and democracy: Uneasy companions

The Future of the Middle East

Egypt’s Transition Six Months On: From Diversity to Divisiveness

The Egyptian Saga Continues

Egyptians call for Sharia Law, Islamic caliphate

Qaddafi Claims Alliance With Islamists

Libya denies Gaddafi's son killed by NATO

Why Arab leaders are largely silent on Syria's brutal crackdown

Masses protest across Syria in wake of Hama crackdown

United States urges its citizens to leave Syria immediately

Turkey revives military threat as Syrian tanks storm Deir al-Zour

Turkey confirms seizure of Iranian arms shipment to Syria

Turkey absent again from naval drills with Israel, US

Archaeologists think newly discovered tomb in Turkey may be Philip's

Moscow defends Assad, seeks nuclear deal with Iran by freezing sanctions

Blast Near Iraq Church Injures 13

Iran in End Times Prophecy

Russia: NATO close to military steps in Syria for beachhead to attack Iran

Iran's oil minister: Replace foreign oil companies

Churches face crackdown in Uzbekistan

Violence against Christians in Sri Lanka

Bible translation expansion project underway in Indonesia

Black Gospel Choirs Convert Japanese to Christianity

Equine influenza epidemic breaks out in Mongolia

Lost world: Scenes from North Korea's closed society

Korean journalist predicts collapse of North

China Builds Fleet of Small Warships While U.S. Drifts

House Church Alliance's No. 2 Sentenced to Labor Camp

Typhoon Muifa approaches China's Shandong peninsula

Bible Groups Merge to Spread Gospel, Make Disciples

Chronicle of a famine foretold

Terrorist Group Blocks Africa Famine Relief

Kenya drought: Church says lessons haven’t been learned

Crisis in Sudan Threatens Christian Community

Churches seized by police in Zimbabwe

Muslims Steal Christians' Land in Zanzibar Island

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